Published 6 months ago Jun 01, 2020

By Pulkit

The coronavirus has taken over the world of football and clubs have lost millions due to suspension of games and possibly the entire season. The end of the season, and the following transfer window would be no less than interesting due to the current circumstances. A lot of bi clubs had a transfer plan of sorts for the summer which will be completely wiped out as they won’t have any money. The scouting network also won’t lead to transfers as the final reports will not be prepared. 

The football calendar is affected and we do not know when this season will end or whether it’ll end or not, when the transfer window and the following season will begin. In light of this haywire timeline, FIFA is discussing the possibility of extending the transfer window for 6 months, till January 2021, which would be the first of its kind. In addition, the contract of the players will be extended since the end of the current season, and the start of the next is up in the air. Some players’ contracts are expiring at the end of June, and in order to fix the timeline, it needs to be taken care of. 

Extension of the transfer window till 4-5 months would be really exciting as a lot of clubs could see the targeted players’ progress, and also earn enough money in order to finance the big transfers. Players like Jadon Sancho, Lautaro Martinez, Neymar, Mbappe, and many more won’t come cheap, and the loss of millions would stop clubs from buying. But in order for the clubs to financially get back to normal, FIFA is currently studying this matter. 

Due to the suspension of games, and postponement of the Euros and Copa America, the form of all the players would dip, and clubs who are targeting players won’t be buying the player they hoped he will turn out to be. We could potentially see a massive revamp of the big clubs’ transfer policy and strategy. The big rumoured transfers that the fans heard of all season might not happen in the way they were supposed to. For instance, for a club like Barcelona who are financially struggling, and have to load off a lot of names, might see a barter or a player+cash deal going down. This makes all the more sense since they’re potentially after big names like Neymar and Lautaro, and a centre half as well. 

FIFA is yet to come to a consensus as to how to plan the transfer window, and it also depends on how the current season pans out. Will there be games played? How will they be played? With an audience or behind closed doors? Will the season be voided? Will the season end on the current standings? What will happen to the UEFA Champions League? 

All these are unanswered questions that are highly dependent on the pandemic and it remains to be seen what goes down.


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