Published 1 month ago Sep 27, 2021

By Pulkit

Pep Guardiola talked about Bernardo Silva after the game against Chelsea. He praised his player’s performance, and talked about his future as well. 

“What a player. What a performance,” the City boss reflected.

“He’s so intuitive, it’s not his role as a holding midfielder but he knows perfectly (and) anticipates what is going to happen, with and without the ball.

“Our build-up helped us to beat these extra passes and defensively how many crosses we stopped in the second half when Chelsea were making a lot of crosses.

“(He is) an exceptional player. All I want for Bernardo is to be happy, here and everywhere, number one is his happiness because he’s a guy who deserves the best.”

“Against Norwich he was exceptional, against Arsenal he was exceptional.

“How good he played today wasn’t a surprise. How many times have we seen it, (he was) an incredible signing for us because he’s an exceptional person.

“I’ll never forget the second Premier League we won with 98 points (2018-19), he was the best player in England.

“After that he dropped a little bit, but now he’s back and hopefully he can help us.

“At the end if he wants to leave, all I can say is the guy at the club who takes Bernardo is taking one of the best players in the world.”


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