Published 1 month ago Jun 01, 2020

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Neymar was deemed as the one to take the baton over from Lionel Messi and be the future of FC Barcelona but in 2017, he went to French giants Paris Saints German on a world record transfer and the whole market changed after that, it got inflated to the core. Barcelona have not been able to replace Neymar, and had a series of shambolic transfers in Ousmane Dembele, Phillippe Coutinho, and Antonie Griezmann. These are arguably the most expensive and the worst transfers of all time in club history. 

Last summer, there was a huge transfer saga for Neymar as he wanted to leave, and apparently did everything in his power to make a transfer happen but did not succeed. There was a huge speculation of a barter plus cash, and whatnot but the transfer did not happen in the end. This summer, the transfer stories are already pouring in thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, there’s not much news to print for media outlets. 

FC Barcelona are going for Lautaro Martinez and Neymar this summer, but how they’re gonna finance this transfer is anyone’s guess. The board already does not have the money, and are losing money in TV rights, sponsorships, and ticket revenue as well due to the suspension of games. The only way to finance the transfer is by raising money by selling players like Coutinho, Dembele, Umtiti, Vidal, and Rakitic or to include these names in the Neymar deal. Griezmann is also one of the names added to the list. 

There’s a clause added by FIFA called Article 17 in every player’s contract at every club which states that the player can force a transfer after spending 3 years at a club, which will be the case for Neymar this summer. FIFA determines the transfer fee of the player which won’t be far from PSG’s asking price of around 170 million euros. So Barcelona doesn’t have to go down that road, they can just approach the French club in a normal manner for a transfer. Moreover, due to the suspension of games, there’s a huge financial blow to all clubs, and the Blaugrana won’t be able to afford the Brazilian anyway. If they go to FIFA, they’ll be forced to pay the huge fee, but if they negotiate, they can include players like Rakiric, Vidal, ,Coutinho in the deal. 

Neymar is happy at PSG as per recent news in the French media, he’s feeling good and liking the city as well. But this might not last as after the Dortmund defeat in the first leg, his comments were somewhat opposite, he expressed his unhappiness very candidly.  It’s a transfer that has become rather underwhelming to the football world but it remains to be seen what happens this summer since there’s literally not enough money in the world.


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