Published 2 weeks ago Jul 27, 2020

By Pulkit

The Premier League lived up to its name till the final match day where it was all to play for for the top 4 and the fight against relegation. Manchester United and Chelsea went on to win their matches against Leicester and Wolves to secure the 3rd and the 4th spot respectively while Aston Villa are safe thanks to Arsenal beating Watford 3-2 at the Emirates. Leicester finished 5th, Spurs in 6th and Wolves in 7th place. Warford, Bournemouth and Norwich got relegated. 

Ole post match : “I don’t think many were predicting it, the predictions were for us to finish sixth or seventh,” he said.

When asked if he took motivation from those early season predictions, he replied: “I’ve always been made that way. If I’m getting criticised that makes me stronger in what I’m doing. Please don’t praise me too much as I’ll get complacent. That’s the way I’m made.

“I believe in what I do and believe in what I’ve been doing. We all have different ideas of management and I do it my way. That’s the only way I can do it. The players bought into it and have taken on board what we’ve been doing. I’m not going to say I’m not the man, of course, as I’m in the job. I believe in what I’m doing.

“It’s a massive achievement by the staff and players. They are incredible. I had a chat with all of them today saying no matter what happened today we’d had a fantastic season. We’re building a culture. I’m very pleased and proud of their efforts. To win this game was massive mentally as we’ve lost two semi-finals.”

Eddie Howe post match : “In terms of feelings and emotions this has been the hardest moment of my career,” said Howe.

“I feel very emotional. Very disappointed, sad and dejected – loads of different things but they are difficult emotions to feel.

“I know the players are hurting. I saw the dressing room and they are all disappointed with what has happened, not necessarily today but during the season. It has not been good enough.

“I feel very sorry for our supporters tonight, especially as they have not been able to be with us.


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